(a snippet of gameplay from our godot era play tests)

the art of hitting clips

Think of any fps game, what are you favorite moments? For us they are the moments that you'd want to show your friends, like an insane shot, prediction, quick movement or any mechanical manuever that displays skill expression.

In most fps games there is some goal, which is sometimes somewhat related to individual player skill expression. In regular death match players are rewarded if they can get a lot of kills, but not about how they got their kills. In other game modes, players find an optimal strategy and a meta is formed about how to play the game.

In frag-z we want to reward players for being badass and taking risks, not just using some optimal strategy to win.

We also want our players to have absolute freedom in how they decide to play. In frag-z's new game mode skill death match (sdm), players run around a map attempting to get the maximum number of points by chaining skills together into "lines", the longer your line, the more points you're gonna get.

talk is cheap, let me play

frag-z initially started as a 2d top down shooter game entirely written in python, an IRL LAN party was held to test the game and it was fun.

after this successful play-test frag-z (it's 3d successor) was initially developed in the godot game engine, a minimal viable game was created and playtests looked promising. As more features and changes needed to be made godot started becoming unwieldy and development started grinding to a halt.

frag-z is now being completely rebuilt from scratch in c++, this is so that we will not have to deal with godot's architectural constraints and we will have full control over how the game plays. The game is becoming more playable week by week but is not yet there, read the development section for more details.



skill death match

in this mode, players have infinite ammo and can use any weapon, heath starts regenerating after a certain time interval. individual skill instances award points to players, if a skill instance has a chance to kill a player then by killing the player with the skill instance more points are awarded.

If multiple skill instances are detected within a certain time interval, then a line is formed, the longer the line the greater the "line bonus" will be which will award the player even more points.